100% Working Microsoft 365 Bin 2022

Use our 100% working Microsoft 365 Bin to enjoy trial without risking your credit card. Microsfost 365 was formerly known as Office 365, which has been available since 2011. It differs significantly from that old-school bundle.

For starters, rather than being sold as a perpetual license with a one-time payment, it’s sold as a subscription (paid monthly or yearly). Second, it integrates standard desktop software with a package of online services. This includes business-class email, cloud file storage, and secure communication capabilities.

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Read more about BINS and how to use them.

Because it’s a subscription service, when a new version is released, those desktop programs are updated immediately. If your subscription is current, you’ll get the most recent versions. They include monthly security updates and six-monthly feature updates, all on the same schedule as Windows 10. Microsoft 365 comes in two flavors: Family and Personal (formerly known as Office 365 Home).

What is a Working Microsoft 365 Bin 2022?

A working Microsoft 365 Bin gives you digits that you can use to generate credit card credentials. You can then use these credentials; credit card number, expiry date, and security code (CVV) to get a free trial of Microsoft 365 in 2022.


  • A working Shudder Bin. Posted here on the site.
  • A Strong VPN such as Vypr, Nord VPN, Windscribe, Express VPN, HMA VPN. Get some strong VPNs for free here
  • Internet connection that is reliable and stable
  • Excellent Browser

How to use a working Microsoft 365 Bin


📤| BIN: 5154620020xxxxxx
📮| IP: US
📮| ZIP CODE: 10080


  1. Use a VPN that is strong to connect. The VPN server must match the country specified by the BIN code IP Address.
  2. Go to the and sign up with Gmail. An existing account with previous subscription won’t work.
  3. Copy the BIN and create CC (credit cards) with this Credit Card Generator tool.
  4. Copy generated CC. It will contain the CVV, expiry date, and check for live ones using this tool.
  5. Copy Live CC to use as a payment option for the service.


  • Rontech shares BINS for educational purposes. You are solely reliable for any abuse.
  • Please note that most of the BINS aren’t general, which means that the same BIN for Skillshare can’t be used for let’s say Netflix and vice versa.
  • Also, BINS are country-specific, so if you are in a different country from the BIN, you may need to change your IP address. A good VPN is the way to go.
  • You can get some free VPN here:
  • Lastly, BINS change, so by the time you are reading this post, the BIN provided might or mightn’t work. So, to ensure you remain updated and get the working BINS, join our telegram channel, and subscribe on YOUTUBE.

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