Download 300 plus free illustrations for Designers

Are you working on a design project or creating a presentation? These free illustrations for designers can make your work beautiful and change the mood of your design and make it more expressive. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, if you’re looking for creative and high-quality illustrations, take a look at this list of websites to download free illustrations. You’ll find illustrations based on different themes and styles. Also, all the sites allow you to use these resources in any commercial or personal project for free. So, take a look at the list to see what each site is offering.

1. Open Peeps 45

Open Peeps is a library of hand-drawn illustrations of human characters. What’s the most interesting aspect of this library is that you can mix and match different body parts like arms, legs, and facial expressions etc. to create a customized characters. A great source of free illustrations for Designers

2. humaaans 14

Open Peeps is a library of hand-drawn illustrations of human characters. What’s the most interesting aspect of this library is that you can mix and match different body parts like arms, legs, and facial expressions etc. to create a customized characters.

The versatility of these illustrations allows you to use them in marketing imagery, comics, user flows, presentations, storyboarding ¦ well just about in anything you want. You can download the illustrations in PNG or SVG formats and use in any personal or commercial project for free. This is another awesome source source of free illustrations for Designers

3. unDraw 16

As the name says, Humaaans offers you free illustrations of human figures. There’s a whole gamut of different features like hairstyles, dresses, and positions that you can play with and customize your character according to your requirements.

You can download the whole library of illustrations and then using any product designing tool like Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, or Studio to edit the components into your desired character. Also, all the illustrations created through this library can be freely used for personal or commercial purposes.

4. Open Doodles 16

UnDraw is an open-source library of beautifully-designed illustrations related to anything you can think of. You can use these illustrations in design projects, website and app designs, and on any project where they may seem fit.

What I really liked about this site is that when you’re browsing for illustrations, the interface offers you to select any color form the color picker and all the illustrations will be displayed in that color. Moreover, the website keeps updating the illustrations with newer concepts and styles.

5. DrawKit 8

Open Doodles features high quality and really cool free illustrations for designers of humans and animals doing different actions. Each illustration is made as a creative doodle by talented designers and you can fit any one of them in your projects or presentations.

All the illustrations on this site are free for personal and commercial use. Moreover, You can edit them in terms of color combinations or download as stand-alone illustrations or as compositions in SVG and PNG formats.

6. 8

What started off as a 100 illustrations in 100 days challenge taken up by Vijay Verma, now brings us It is a free library of a whopping number of free illustrations for designers based on different themes and can be used in web and mobile app design or presentations.

You can download these illustrations in AI, SVG, PNG, EPS, or Figma as a single resource or as a bundle pack. Although all the resources are free for use, but if you want then you can contribute anything to appreciate the designers efforts.

7. avataaars 7

Designed by Pablo Stanley, here is a Sketch library of creative avatar illustrations. You can mix and match skin complexions, hair styles, facial expressions, clothes, and accessories etc. to create the kind of avatar that you want.

On the website you’ll see a video link that guides you as how to edit and customize these free illustrations for designers in the Sketch app. The creator requests you to contribute your avatars that you create on the website.

8. Karthik Srinivas 8

The designer Karthik Srinivas brings absolutely stunning hand-crafted and high-quality free illustrations for designers created on different themes. You can use these illustrations in web and app design projects, though not all the illustration packs are free.

9. Icons8 8

Icons 8 features interesting illustrations related to everything under the sun. All the resources are beautifully designed with much attention to the detail. Even though most resources on the website are premium, however, there are some free options too that you can download in PNG and SVG format. Also, the website requires you to credit the creator by adding their link to your projects.

10. 6

Just as the name says, Absurd Illustrations features an array of surreal drawings hand-crafted in beautiful imperfections. Through these topsy-turvy yet expressive drawings you can illustrate your ideas with a unique style in presentations and project designs etc.

Some illustrations on the site require a paid membership with additional benefits, however, there is a bundle of 15 interesting illustrations that you can download in hi-res PNG format for free but you do have to credit them with their name and link wherever you use.

11. 404 Illustrations 7

Nobody likes to be landed on a 404 error page. However, for a website, 404 error page is almost inevitable and to make it a little less disappointing you can use a cute illustration.

This website 404 Illustrations features unique and creative free illustrations for designers that you can use on your 404 error page. Just enter your email and you be able to download free illustrations that you can use on any personal or commercial project.

12. IRA Design 8

IRA design offers a unique opportunity to download customizable free illustrations for designers and other resources that can enhance your design projects manifolds. You can choose a character or object that you like and mix and match from five beautiful gradient options to create amazing illustrations for your website or mobile app.

13. ManyPixels 5

ManyPixels features a whole gallery of neatly-drawn creative illustrations that you can download and use in any personal or commercial project for free. The creators keep adding more free illustrations for designers every week related to different themes.

On the website, you can search among the many categories as well as types like monochrome, flatline, two color, or isometric. Theres even an option to customize the color of your illustrations to match them with your overall design theme or brand communication.

14. Interfacer 5

Interfacer is a treasure trove of more than 300 high-quality and free design resources. Among these resources, there are many amazing illustration packs crated in different styles. What’s more is that you can download and use these illustrations for free and without crediting the source.

15. Lukasz Adam 5

The talented Lukasz Adam creates stunning illustrations based on different themes. These are open-source illustrations meaning that you can use them for any personal or commercial project for free.

The illustrations that you get from this website are fully customizable and cater to a variety of subjects so you can use them in any kind of project with ease. Also, if you subscribe through your email, they send you notifications when new illustrations are available for download.

16. 7

Outlane offers a range of free illustration for designers as freebies created by some of the most talented designers and illustrators. The illustrations range from characters and objects to vector stickers based on different themes.

You can download the illustrations in SVG or PNG format and can be used in any kind of project for free. Use them on your website, mobile app or web banners or print them out, the quality of the illustrations will not disappoint you.

17. Vector Stock 6

Vector Stock has a number of premium illustrations and vector art, however, there’s a whole gamut of free illustrations for designers as well. All the resources are of top quality and created with different themes by many talented artists.

To download the illustrations in the free mode, you are, however, required to attribute the artist with a link created at the download page. You can use the illustrations in AI, PDF, JPG, EPS, and PNG format.

18. Open Clipart 5

Open Clipart is a library of thousands of vector graphics and free illustrations for designers to use. There are volunteer librarians in charge of maintaining this platform to uphold and improve the quality of resources. The illustrations can be downloaded in SVG PNG with small, medium, or large size and can be used in any kind of design project.

19. 123 Vectors 5

123freevectors is already a popular platform among designs for providing quality illustrations, vector art, wallpapers, drawings, brushes, and backgrounds etc.

Here you will find a number of interesting illustrations as backgrounds and patterns as well as abstract designs that can be used in any web, mobile, or print design project. To check the license, however, you need to check with the original source.

20. Free Vectors 9

A library of free vectors and free illustrations for designers. Free Vectors offers a variety of free illustrations in high-quality. The vectors and illustrations are designed on a variety of themes by different artists from around the world.

free illustrations for designers
Download 300 plus free illustrations for Designers 5

You can write any term or keyword in the search bar and the website will dig out as many related results for you as possible. The site does, however, require you to credit the artist through a link for free illustrations and vectors.

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Happy designing and stay Rontech my friends.


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