Driver Booster Review: The Best Driver Updater that Fits Your Needs

Driver Booster is a powerful and easy to use tool for updating your outdated windows drivers to ensure that your pc is performing in the best condition. It is important to maintain a stable and the best working condition of your computer, which can be tricky and challenging. This is because some drivers may become outdated resulting in system drivers issues, which in turn might degrade their performance causing a ripple effect on the overall performance of the computer. 

Computer drivers are individual software that interface with your computer hardware and there are hundreds of them. For instance, a keyboard driver is required for your computer to work with an external keyboard.  Driver Booster saves you all the hassle of updating drivers one by one with just a single click, all your drivers are updated, significantly improving your PC performance. 

In this Driver Booster Review, we evaluate this driver installer tool to help you decide whether it is the right fit for your home or office.

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Driver Booster Review: The Best Driver Updater that Fits Your Needs 10

Key Features & Capabilities

Driver Booster packs a plethora of features that can help you solve most of your windows drivers problems. 

Large driver database

Driver Booster has a database of over 4,500,000 drivers, giving you the ability to quickly analyze and update your drivers to their latest versions. This has also passed Microsoft WHQL tests as well as strictly complies with IObit Review guidelines. As such, this guarantees that Driver Booster will always find almost every driver that your windows need and update it to the latest version as it supports millions of device drivers.

Smart Update 

I consider smart update functionality as the best feature Driver Booster offers. This tool automatically selects and installs the right drivers each time you need an update on your computer in an easy, accurate, and automatic manner. It downloads the drivers with high speeds. As a result, you do not need to manually update a driver whenever a newer version is released. Driver Booster got you covered. The offline update feature allows you to download and install drivers without an internet connection. You may not have an internet connection due to missing network drivers. 

Maximum Secure Update

Driver Booster offers you a double updating protection, which means that it only updates secure drivers. The huge collection of drivers it offers has also passed Microsoft WHQL tests as well as strictly complies with IObit Review rules. The tool can also backup and restore your current drivers, cushioning you from unfortunate events whenever something happens. In essence, Driver Booster offers a safe and secure way of updating your drivers. 

1-Click Solution for Pc issues

1-Click to check and fix sound or connection problems, mouse or printer issues, Some sound issues and device errors are not caused by faulty drivers, but they are rather common problems, like faulty sound settings. One of the best features of Driver Booster is that it allows you to fix these common errors and problems with just a single click.

Smoother Gaming

We are irritated by the sudden lag caused by background programs or services when we are deep into the game. You can avoid such problems and have a seamless gaming experience using Drivers Booster’s Game Booster feature. As a result, all bothersome background programs will be terminated. With the Game Boost feature, Driver Booster 8 Pro is ideal for gamers. It not only enables you to update game components (such as Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Visual C++), but it also enables you to disable unwanted services and apps in order to free up RAM. This function allows you to play the game at the highest level possible. 

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Driver Booster Review: The Best Driver Updater that Fits Your Needs 11

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Plans & Pricing

Driver Booster offers three main plans. The FREE plan gives you access to 3.5 million drivers with a basic download speed. However, the most amazing features such as Auto Update, Backup & Restore are missing in this plan. The other plan costs $19.95 and you enjoy all the premium features Driver Booster has to offer, although only on a single pc. The last plan costs $22.95 and allows you to use this tool on 3 computers. I think this is the best value package. It is important to note that these prices might change over time depending on the time you are reading this review article.


driver boost pricing
Driver Booster Pricing

Driver Booster vs Competition

Driver Genius is also worth a look, as the free trial gives you access to all of its features. You can only install two drivers per day with the free version of Driver Booster, while Driver Genius allows you to install all of your driver updates at once.

ReviverSoft’s Driver Reviver is a good alternative to Driver Booster. It focuses on driver updates and lacks the extra system management functions found in Driver Booster, but it does have a good driver check and update feature.

Pros and Cons


  • Huge database of drivers
  • Automatic driver update
  • Backup and restore functionality
  • Multi-PC license 
  • 60-day money back refund policy
  • free 24/7 Customer Support on demand
  • Offline update
  • Game boost 
  • Trial version available


  • Very limited trial version
  • Advertising-Action center-tab dedicated for other iObit recommended products

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best, safe, and secure way to update your drivers, I highly recommend Driver Booster. It offers some of the best features such as automatic driver update and offline update at a lower price compared to its competition. In our product testing, we didn’t experience any download errors and the installation process was smooth and didn’t cause any problems such as bricking hardware.

Use Driver Booster to update your device drivers, improve system compatibility, and boost gaming performance with just a single click. If you have other suggestions, please share them in the comment.


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