How to get Free Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB OneDrive Storage

Free Microsoft Office 365 is designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security for home, business, enterprise, and education use. Microsoft Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office product line. The brand encompasses plans that allow the use of the Microsoft Office software suite over the life of the subscription, as well as cloud-based software-as-a-service products for business environments, such as hosted Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint, among others. All Office 365 plans include automatic updates to their respective software at no additional charge, as opposed to conventional licenses for these programs—where new versions require the purchase of a new license.

Learn more about free Microsoft Office 356 and how to get it in the following sections.

Features of Free Microsoft Office 365

The Free Office 365 comes with a plethora of features that can enhance you home, school, or business productivity and performance. it offers powerful tools to help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create. Among these features include the following:

free microsoft office 365

Connect from anywhere

Whether you’re connecting with family and friends or collaborating with your team, Microsoft Teams lets you meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place, keeping you organized and simplifying your day.

free microsoft office 365

Collaborate and create in real-time

Bring ideas to life with teammates, classmates, or family members across all your devices with powerful apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Easily share and access files wherever you are with secured OneDrive cloud storage.

free microsoft office 365

Protect what’s important

Stay secured and productive on any device. With comprehensive, intelligent, enterprise-grade security features built in, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your personal information, devices, apps, and data are protected.

The process-Get Free Microsoft Office 365

We are getting Free Microsoft Office 365 and 1TB of OneDrive storage through an education package. We are going to use an edu mail from a learning institution to sign up for this package. It is a very simple method. Just follow closely.

  • Step 1: Head over to this Link. and click the drop down menu and select Adjacent to it there is a copy option, click on it to copy your edu. mail to the clipboard. Please do not close this tab. Leave it running because a verification code will be sent to this email.
free Microsoft office 365
  • Step 2: On the same page, now click the signup option at the bottom. You can also click here. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Office 365 Education page. Paste the email that you copied from step one in the “Enter your school email address” section to get started. and click “Get Started”
  • Step 3: You will now be redirected to the signup page. Select I’m a student. Now enter your credential. You can enter any random details. You don’t have to provide real information. That is, however, up to you.
  • Step 4: A verification code has now been sent to the email you created in step one. Now head over to the open tab in step one and click on “……. is your signup code”. Select the topmost code, which is the latest code.
  • Step 5: Copy the Code and paste it on the signup page in the verification code section. You can change the location if you like, but it isn’t necessary. Click Start.
  • Voila! You have successfully created a Free Microsoft Office 365 Education account.
  • Step 6: To install office once inside your account, check on the right side and you’ll see where it’s saying install office. Just click it and follow the prompts.
  • Please note that you also get 1TB of cloud storage. A normal Microsoft account only offers 5GB. SO, you get 20 times the basic OneDrive storage capacity.

If this worked for you, please drop a screenshot in the comment section. In case of any queries, feel free to leave a comment. For more tips click here and click here for amazing giveaways.

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