The Best way to Get a Free QuillBot Premium Account in 2021

What is Quillbot Premium Account?

Quillbot Premium Account gives you access to QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool that helps millions rewrite and enhance the use of state-of-the-art AI for any sentence, paragraph, or article. Your words are important, and our tool for paraphrasing ensures that you use the right ones.

The QuillBot paraphraser can rephrase every text in three free modes and four premium modes in various ways, ensuring that you can find the perfect language, tone, and style in every event. Just type your text into the input box and our AI will work with you to create the best paraphrase from the original text.

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Quillbot Premium Account Features

QuillBot is one of the best paraphrasing tools on the market and features many incredible features. Quillbot increases the clarity and significance of your text by connecting it to the writing tools you already use. You can find the right synonyms, make a better sentence formation, and correct spelling. 

It saves about 75% of your writing time and is trusted by more than 10 million people worldwide. It is very useful to write emails, essays, or even social media posts on several projects. 

QuillBot has excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that help make your articles reach a wider audience and offer your business a better chance. 

QuillBot Premium Account
QuillBot Free vs QuillBot Premium

Learn more about this amazing paraphrasing tool

QuillBot vs Grammarly

Grammarly has an incredible ability to check all grammatical mistakes. Its sole purpose is to correct such mistakes. In these cases, however, QuillBot does not work so incredibly. Grammarly also proofreads the document with the removal of grammatical errors. This means that the program reads a pre-written document and all errors are removed. But, QuillBot doesn’t do anything like that. 

Grammarly revises your work after completion and proposes corrections to errors of all kinds. Conversely, QuillBot does not contain any idea of proofreading because it clearly lags behind. For people who just want their content to be proofread, QuillBot isn’t the best option.

Grammarly is not the best choice for paraphrasing. On the other hand, QuillBot has a stunning artificial intelligent database that does the task of paraphrasing accurately. Also, Grammarly does not have the function to do the optimization of search engines that enables the website to reach a wider audience. The Search Engine Optimization feature does not provide grammar. However, it provides an ability to check plagiarism. QuillBot’s SEO tools are so awesome. They contribute to the overall growth of content and therefore business by reaching a wide audience.  QuillBot does this very efficiently. It uses several SEO tools to grow your company. 

Both Grammarly and QuillBot provide excellent customer support. Grammarly supports phone calls while QuillBot provides both a telephone and a chat option. However, Grammarly is the clear winner when it comes to quick reactions. 

Read more about Grammarly Premium here and website.

How to Get QuillBot Premium Account

Upgrade to Premium

You can get QuillBot Premium Account by upgrading your account to premium. QuillBot offers a free version of their tool, although this has limited features as you can see above. Upgrading to QuillBot premium account costs 4.95USD for monthly billing, 4.15USD per month for semi-annual billing, and 3.33USD per month for annual billing. So, go ahead and choose the package that best suits you.

QuillBot Premium Account
Upgrade to QuillBot Premium Account

Using QuillBot Premium Cookies

Using cookies is the best way to get QuillBot premium. Most importantly, it won’t cost you even a dollar. The use of cookies as a means of sharing accounts is increasingly becoming popular day by day. Thanks to this method, you can now enjoy QuillBot premium, although in this case, it is a bit different, simpler in fact.

  1. To get started, download QuillBot premium cookies from the download link below.
  2. You will download a zip file, simply unzip it.
  3. Then open the extracted folder and double click/run the file “GoogleChromePortable” with the .exe extension. It should open a new browser window.
  4. On the bookmarks bar, you will see QuillBot Premium, click it and you should have QuillBot Premium account for free.
Download QuillBot Premium Cookies

Learn more about Grammarly. In case you want to buy yourself a private premium account, go to the shop

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