GET 2TB Storage for FREE for 1 year

Getting 2TB Storage for free in the modern digital era where digital files are stored in the cloud is one of the best deals you can get, especially from a highly rated provider. Internxt which is a cloud storage provider, a company that takes huge pride in safety and privacy is offering you 1-year premium storage of 2TB. Stay tuned to learn more. Everyone loves great deals, so, check out our shop.

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2TB Storage for FREE with Internxt

What is Internxt

Internxt is a decentralized zero-knowledge cloud storage service allowing users to store photos and files in a secure and private way. Your files stored on Internxt are always secure because they remain encrypted, one aspect that the company prides itself on. As reviewed by Techradar, Internxt is one cloud storage provider that is big on privacy and security as it is based on pure privacy and uncompromised security. It is also leveraging the emerging technology of blockchain-based cloud storage, focused on 3 key components: reliability, security, and scalability.

Internxt Pricing

Internxt offers 2GB of free storage for life. If you are not a heavy user and just looking for one of the most secure online drives to store documents and a few photos, then you’ll find the free-tier useful. However, if you want more robust and larger storage space, then you should consider their subscription-based packages, which to me I consider fairly and competitively priced. Below is a look at Internxt pricing.

2TB Storage for FREE
Internxt Pricing

If you want to save some cash on the top-tier package of 2TB storage costing €8.99 with an annual subscription, then follow along because you are going to get this storage space absolutely free. So, how do we get the Internxt 2TB storage for free? Please follow the process below:

The Key Differentiating Features of Internxt Cloud Storage

  • Internxt encrypts all users’ data before leaving their devices, a security feature that differentiates it from the mainstream services, which usually only encrypt customer data in transit or at rest. In this scenario, the providers have access to the user data, thus could be compromizing especially in cases where the providers are hacked.
  • With Internxt encryption model, only the user holds the keys to their data. Therefore, Internxt can never access user data and more importantly, in the event, Internxt was ever hacked, the intruders would never access user data either.
  • The user data is no longer stored in a central location, but instead client-side encrypted, fragmented, and then distributed amongst different servers wordlwide.
  • Privacy and Security at its finest- only the user has access to their digital possessions, the way it should have always been.

How to Get 2TB storage for Free for 1 year with Internxt

  • Register an account to their website and login to your Internxt account once registered! You can register through this Link
  • After registering, you get 2GB automatically forever. If you want more, then go to the next steps.
  • Once logged in, Go to the ‘Storage’ page and upgrade the plan for 2TB a year. After selecting the packing, click purchase and you’ll be redirected to the checkout page.
  • Use the coupon code ‘DealMirror‘ the cost will be reduced to 0, which means it will be 100% free for one year. To get it for 6 Months, use the coupon code: BITSDUJOUR
  • Put your billing details and complete your purchase.
  • Please note that you’ll not be charged anything for the current billing period.
2TB Storage for FREE
GET 2TB Storage for FREE for 1 year 7

Terms of Usage

  • 1 Year access to Internxt Individual Plan
  • 2000 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No team member
  • Secure file sharing
  • End-to-end encryption, including client-side encryption
  • Collaboration
  • Administration tools
  • Access to Drive, Photos, & Send
  • Automatic sync across all devices
  • Secure 256-bit TLS/SSL connection
  • All future Individual Plan updates
  • Only for new Internxt who do not have existing accounts

Internxt Stands with Ukraine- 2TB Free for 3 Months

In support of the Ukrainian people, Internxt will be offering its encryption and secure digital storage services free to its users. Upload your keepsakes, legal documents, family photos and keep them safe and protected from the destructive impacts of war. 

If you are located in Ukraine or want to join the fight for freedom, use the code HELPUKRAINE and receive three months of our 2TB secure cloud storage service for free. To get started, select our monthly 2TB plan and use the code HELPUKRAINE during checkout. The code will automatically provide you with three months of secure cloud storage for free. 

Final Words

Internxt is no doubt an amazing cloud storage service provider that is already disrupting its industry. Premised on a business model of uncompromising security and absolute privacy, this is the time to test the platform. Depending on the time you are reading this post, the coupon code may still be valid or expired. So, take your chance now. Want more deals like this? Get here


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