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Hello folks, once again Rontechtips brings you one of the greatest hacks when surfing the internet. In today’s world, technology has become a major part of our lives transforming how we do things in so many different ways. With the proliferating use of the internet, however, the issue of privacy has become a major concern, becoming a part of constant conversation among users, stakeholders, and even the international community at large. Anonymity while surfing the internet will give you the greatest confidence you can ever imagine. Just knowing that your privacy, including your personal details, is safeguarded and that you are safe online is just satisfying.


Although remaining anonymous online might be every online user’s intention, some fail to do so by signing up on a website using their personal credentials even when using a virtual private network (VPN) to hide their location. Did you know that providing your real email address on some of these sites may compromise your privacy? One such website is online dating sites, which has seen the emergence of many companies some of which are legit while others barely reach the line between unlawful and legit. Some online dating sites are a scam, and while offering nothing in return, they are created specifically to take your money. These sites sell your personal information such as email addresses to spammers, thereby compromising your online privacy.

Use disposable email to remain anonymous

So, how can I remain anonymous? Well, Rontechtips brings you a list of some of the best websites to get disposable/temporary emails for your online use provided the purpose of the use isn’t job-based. Disposable/temporary emails always ensure that you have the ability to protect your information without breaking a sweat. Even though these sites might get some of your information, the damage becomes minimal because it comes from a temporary address. As online dating can become very troublesome, disposable/temporary emails become a great solution to protect your information, which means that you can maintain your online anonymity. Above all, these disposable/temporary emails are free and are disposed of within 10 minutes for the majority of them.

Sometimes, you want to sign up for a site that requires an email for verification by sending a validation code or link, but you don’t want to use your real email to prevent them from spamming your inbox, disposable/temporary mails become your best bet. Visit any of the sites below to get your disposable/temporary email as a safeguard measure of protecting your identity.

List of disposable/temporary emails providers


In a nut shell, disposable/temporary emails can help to protect your personal information while registering on different sites online, thereby improving your anonymity. It best suites sites where you don’t want to use your real email address such as dating sites.

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