How to install Cookie Editor Extension in Chrome

What is a cookie editor? A cookie editor is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables you to quickly create, edit and delete cookies of the current page you are visiting without leaving your tab. You can use a cookie editor to import and export cookies of a given website as we shall see in the upcoming articles.

Cookie editor is focused on productivity that helps you manage your cookies with the least amount of clicks possible. You can access the list of all the cookies on the current page, create or modify an existing cookie and delete a cookie in a maximum of three clicks. Cookie-Editor also gives you the option to import cookies or export them directly to your clipboard for easy sharing or saving of your cookies.

This extension is ideal for a wide range of application. It can optimize your development time when working on a web page, it can be useful to test a website when doing software quality assurance and it could event benefit a SEO expert. It can also be used to manually manage cookies.

Cookie-Editor is available on most major browser. You can install it on FirefoxMicrosoft Edge and on all Chromium based browser, like Google ChromeOpera and Vivaldi. It is even available on Firefox for Android, with an interface optimised for touchscreen so you can even manage your cookies directly on your Android phone or tablet.

cookie list
View a list of Cookies
cookie add
Create a new cookies
cookie edit
Edit cookies
cookie delete
Delete Cookies
cookie import
Import Cookies


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