How to Use Ubersuggest to Improve Your SEO rankings: 9 Key Tips

Ubersuggest is an incredibly useful SEO tool that will help improve your SEO ranking, thereby increasing your organic search traffic dramatically. In this article, you will learn 9 different tips on how to use Ubersuggest (number 8 will be particularly the most striking). To compare Ubersuggest & SEMrush, just check out here.  

What I like about Ubersuggest so much is the way it works. It comes with a full website audit service that helps you identify all of your backlinks and then helps you increase those links effectively. The website audit service includes checking for relevance and quality across the whole board, not just one specific site. There are over 200 sites to check and the best bit is the service is included within your subscription, so you don’t have to pay an extra amount.  Learn more about Ubersuggest

This is How to Use Ubersuggest for keyword research to improve your SEO rankings  

How to Use Ubersuggest
How to Use Ubersuggest to Improve Your SEO rankings: 9 Key Tips 5
  1. So how do you use Ubersuggest to improve your SEO rankings  ? Simple; Go to the keyword analyzer section on the left panel, select keyword ideas and enter a keyword into the search box, choose your country and hit search. See your organic search traffic increase dramatically.  First you need to enter in a keyword with a low competition rate. This will help lower your overall competition score.  
  2. Next, you need to look at how many websites are linking to this keyword. If there are plenty of websites linking to it, then this is an indication of a good source of traffic and there’s nothing to worry about. However, if there are only a few sites linking to it, this could be a sign of low quality and/or irrelevant top pages.  
  3. One thing I’ve noticed when using Ubersuggest for keyword research is that if you’re using it on your own website it’s important to have a good listing of keywords that Google has tracked previously. By doing this you can see how popular each of the keywords are and this tells you whether or not it’s likely to be popular enough to rank highly in Google’s SERPs. This is where a good amount of research can really pay off. Remember, this is a free tool and not something that Google will necessarily recommend.
  4. The main reason why I like Ubersuggest so much is that it’s totally free! So, even if you don’t have the time to look at other tools such as Majestic SEO you can still use this one for your own domains.  
  5. Ubersuggest keyword tool provides you with a huge quality list of high authority websites that have backlinks. It’s also worth remembering that this tool will only show you backlinks from authority websites. This means if you’re building your brand online you must work on the authority websites within your niche. This way you’ll be getting the most benefit from Ubersuggest as well as getting the most valuable backlinks.  
  6. In my opinion, this is by far one of the best digital marketing resources available. After using it for a couple of months now, I cannot believe how valuable it is. The way Ubersuggest works is by determining your level of competition. If you’re ranking for a keyword you think is hard to rank for, then you will have a high difficulty score. In fact, if you rank for a keyword that a lot of people are trying to rank for, then you have a low difficulty score. The higher the difficulty score, the lower your page rank and the lower your rankings.  
  7. So if you want to raise your page rank, then you need to work on your on-page optimization. This is where Ubersuggest comes in handy because it allows you to see exactly what your competitors are doing to improve their ranking.  
  8. There are many reasons to use Ubersuggest but the main reason for me using it is because it completely removes the guesswork from keyword research. For example, instead of researching “motor insurance” I would simply type in the term “motor insurance online”. If I were to research other terms such as motorized lift trucks, I would probably have to do some research into that to come up with the term “motor lift trucks”. By using Ubersuggest I can simply enter the term and it shows me all the various difficulty levels that are associated with the term.  
  9. You can see exactly what the competition for the terms you searched for is and therefore it makes it a lot easier to decide what your keywords are. It also allows you to research more phrases that are profitable because you will find out which of them your competitors are trying to rank for.

Bottom Line

Do you think Ubersuggest can help you improve your SEO rankings based on the tips I have provided? The question is best answered by implementing these tips on How to Use Ubersuggest. use the Importantly, Ubersuggest offers new customers 7 days trial. So, leverage this promotion to test the platform. I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

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