How to get Spotify Premium for free in 2021

Are you looking for how to get Spotify premium for free? In this article, I will give you the 5 best methods of getting Spotify Premium for free without spending your hard-earned money. Many people ask about how to get Spotify Premium for free. This is because they don’t know what it is and how they can benefit from it.

What is Spotify?

Essentially, Spotify is an online musical social networking and audio streaming service that enable its members to create and upload their own audio tracks. Its basic function is to combine listeners’ opinions on a song and allow them to rate, comment or collaborate via the “FM” feature.

With over 80 million downloads, Spotify has quickly become the biggest streaming service on the internet. The service is ideal for anyone with an iPhone or iPad and uses a one-time payment with no recurring payments. To get the most out of your subscription, it’s wise to take advantage of all the perks available. You can add premium songs and playlists to your existing subscription. There are no ads, so you can focus on what you really enjoy.

Spotify Premium is a one-time fee-based service that gives you access to millions of radio stations worldwide, including an unlimited skips capacity. By joining Spotify premium for free, you get a free account and a login link, which you use to access your account. It also gives you the opportunity to download and burn music files, play games, take part in group listening sessions, and so much more.

5 Benefits of Spotify Premium for Free

  • Unlimited high-quality streaming access to over 50 million songs.
  • Unlimited high-quality streaming access to over 50 million songs.
  • Unlimited skips-Be in a change of the music you listen to with no limitations
  • Travel abroad with no limitations-enjoy Spotify premium while on the go without any geo-restrictions.
  • Ad-free music- Your enjoyment will never be disrupted with any form of ads.
  • Unlimited downloads.

Spotify premium pricing

Spotify premium is competitively priced when compared to the plethora of benefits you get. The fact that Spotify offers a wide range of plans, 4 to be specific, gives the users a great length of flexibility and convenience.

spotify premium for free
How to get Spotify Premium for free in 2021 7

5 Methods of Getting Spotify Premium for Free

1. Get 1 month spotify Premium for free through trial

Spotify offers new subscribers a 1 month trial of Spotify premium across all countries worldwide. Therefore, if you haven’t subscribed before, you can sign up for any of its premium plans and enjoy all the Spotify premium features for free including ad-free and offline music listening. It is important to note that to sign up for the Spotify premium 1-month trial, you will be required to add a payment method, that is either credit or debit card. Although you can also add PayPal as a mode of payment, this one we will discuss in the next section.

Additionally, your card will be billed automatically at the end of your 1 month trial period. So, if you don’t intend to continue with your subscription, you need to cancel before your next billing date. Cancelling your subscription immediately downgrades you to Spotify free.
Spotify premium student free for 3 months

2. Get Spotify Premium Student with Hulu and Showtime

Students can now have Hulu and Showtime included in their Spotify Premium subscription. However, there are a number of warnings you should remember about the deal. You can get Spotify, Hulu’s ad-supported plan and Showtime for $4.99 a month when you are eligible to Apply for Spotify Premium for students to get the deal.

You must be ‘inscribed in a US Title IV accredited college or university over the age of 18’ to qualify for the deal, according to Spotify. You will need to log in or upload a certificate of registration to apply for an agreement using the college or university portal when you complete an online form. This may be a student ID, transcript or letter of registration.

spotify premium for free
Spotify premium student application

In order to include the Hulu and Showtime subscriptions, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You cannot presently susbscribe for Hulu (No Ads). If you have Hulu’s No Ads version, you must change the ad support plan and wait until the billing cycle ends before the Spotify deal is reached. Or you can create a new account for Hulu.
  • You cannot have any Hulu add-ons such as HBO or Showtime. You will need to discontinue these add-ons before proceeding if you want to use your current Hulu account.
  • You have to pay for Hulu directly and not be charged for a service such as Roku. If you subscribe to Hulu via Roku, before proceeding you must cancel this subscription.

Watch Netflix premium for free here

3. Get 3 months of spotify premium for free with paypal

Spotify offers again 3 months of Spotify premium free through PayPal. Try this link or Google “3 Month PayPal Trial Spotify” and you’ll go to Spotify’s website, make sure you have selected PayPal, and you’ll be creating a new account 3 months earlier. With a new email address, you can always register again.

This offer is only available for an individual plan and you will be charged £9.99/after trial. Also, this is valid to new subscribers of Spotify premium.

4. Get spotify premium for free with partnerships

Spotify occasionally runs promotional deals, which make a subscription to the music service more attractive to subscribers. All you need to do is to be always on the lookout for such deals. Currently, Spotify offers 3 months trial for new subscribers through their partnership with Tiktok in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey. If you are from these regions, then follow this guide to get 3 months of Spotify Premium for free with your Tiktok account.

  1. Open the TikTok application on your mobile.
  2. Click on the “TikTok Rewards” badge on your “For you” page or on the “Me” page within the app.
  3. Or, on the Discover page you will find a “TikTok x Spotify Rewards” banner, you can click on it or simply type “Spotify” and press search

5. Get spotify premium for free with family invite

Spotify family plan offers 6 separate Premium accounts for family members living under one roof. It means that if you live in the same area, that’s the same country, same address, you can share a Spotify family account among 6 members.

What’s interesting is that everyone gets to listen to the music they want without interference from others. You have a completely private Spotify premium account. You can also join the family mix to enjoy the music that the other family members are listening to. Like highlighted previously, you must be living within the same address of the plan manager to accept and join the family invited.

If you are from a different country or from a different address from the plan manager, then don’t worry because I am going to show you step by step how you could still join.

  • Create your spotify account without using a vpn. If you use a VPN while creating account, you will get error you are connected through proxy and you’ll be unable to create the account.
  • Now connect to a VPN to the invite country. You need a premium VPN that can connect to the server. My recommendation is Surfshark VPN, the world’s best VPN.

Get 24 months Surfshark VPN for only $59.79

Surfshark VPN keeps you private and secure online. Need even more protection? Add Surfshark Alert to protect your identity and Surfshark Search to get real private search results.
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  • Change your device settings to that country. In windows you can go to settings/time& language/ region. If you are using an iPhone/iPad go to settings/general/language and region/region. For those using android, go to settings, find date and time switch off automatic time and zone , then manually select your time and zone.
  • Now login to your spotify account, click profile (top right)/account/under account overview click edit profile. Remember you VPN is still on and connected to the plan country. In the country/region tab you should see a new region, the one set on the VPN. If you haven’t set your VPN, you will only see your default region
  • Change to the new region and save changes.
  • Now click on the invite link and accept invite.
  • In the address, paste the address that I provide with the invite Link. An option will pop-up, select one that matches the address provided.
  • Now join the family. Voila! Welcome to the FAMILY.

Please note that you will be part of the family as long as the family plan manager allows. Also, you will have Spotify premium provided the family subscription is active.

I will provide family invites here every day. So, ensure you post in the comment section if you manage to join the family. If you don’t comment, I will remove you from the plan. Also, if the plan is already full just comment and I will update.


You now know the 5 best methods of getting Spotify premium for free. At the time of publishing this article, these methods have been tested and confirmed without a problem. You can now choose the method that best suits you to enjoy unlimited ad-free music from a library of over 80 million songs.

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